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No it wasn’t a typo, hey this is TextDater remember 😁

These days everything seems to be about visuals, vids, bright colours and catchy ads. It shows up most in social media as it’s all about visuals. Our attention is span is short and if something takes longer than 2 or 3 seconds to register it doesn’t. In many ways this is good, but in some ways this is clearly a bad thing. With the attention span not much better than that of a goldfish, how do you really break through all the visual noise and be noticed? I don’t have the definitive answer. There are plenty of marketing guru’s who do. And they don’t all agree so guess it’s down to who you trust and what results you get.

sociaAmidst all of this visual distraction, I want to touch on the age old messaging systems, be it sms (proper old skool text), mms (whatsapp, viber type systems), or email. As much as things have moved on here, it does seem, this borderline archaic form of communication is hanging in there. And not just hanging in there but almost as strong as ever. This is great, it gives us a raft to hold on to in this sea of marketing, ads and visual communication overload.

Where am I going with this? Dating! Be that finding a date, arranging a date, following up, or keeping things interesting in between seeing that special someone. As well as TextDater there are some very good apps out there that simply work, be it Rendeevoo, MyMateYourDate, Clocked or What I’m emphasising here is the art of texting. We don’t talk on the phone much these days outside of work, most things are arranged by messaging, and although people have video calling available, images and short vids are sent instead. So this is how it is, fine, lets make the most of it!

A friend of mine Claudia over at TextWeapon has the solution. When we’re talking about dating. TextDating! From initiating contact via a dating app/site, to arranging a date, following up and keeping it interesting!

We all know pictures are super important, and TextDater is in no way against pictures. But I think you will agree, if someone can say something that peaks your interest and/or makes you a little curious, you’re already off to a good start. Have a listen to a snippet of her audio book below & sign up for a 30 day FREE trial to her texting club. I know you love reading, so do take time to pick up some texting tips on her blog too.

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