Your personal information is held by TextDater Limited. The personal information that you include within your profile is available to other users of the TextDater app. If you send a message through our service, the personal information contained within that message will be shared with the recipient of that message. All other personal information that we process is kept confidential on our secure database. We will use your personal information to provide you with our services (including approving your profile and photograph(s), communicating with you regarding your membership and responding to complaints), for administration and accounting, for marketing and to ensure that the content and services that we offer are tailored to your needs and interests.

We will store your personal information for so long as you are a registered user. After you cease to be a registered user we will keep your personal information on our records for a period of one year to enable us to respond to any queries or complaints that you may have. After this time we will not store your personal details other than billing information (if the service becomes a paid service) to comply with current HMRC policies (for 7 years) or we have reason to believe that the processing may (i) assist with the detection and/or prevention of crime; and/or (ii) protect your safety or that of a third party.

By providing us with your personal information you consent to our processing your sensitive personal information, such as your sex, for the above purposes.

We may pass your personal information to third parties who will provide certain elements of our services on behalf of TextDater limited, however all such third parties will be bound to provide at least the same level of protection for your personal information as we provide. Such third parties may be located in countries or jurisdictions outside of the UK.

We take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is kept secure and is kept for only so long as is necessary for the purpose for which it is used. TextDater limited is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). We only hold such personal information about you as you have provided to us and we update this personal information within 14 working days of any new personal information being provided to us, to ensure that the personal information we hold about you is as accurate and as up to date as possible.

You are entitled to ask for a copy of any personal information that we hold about you (for which we may charge a small fee) and to have any inaccuracies in your personal information corrected.

For quality control and training purposes, we may monitor or record your communications with us.

If your personal details change, please log in to the TextDater app and update your details in the ‘settings/profile’ section. If you have any queries about how we use your personal information, please contact us:

TextDater ltd
81 Burke Close
London, SW15 5RS

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