It seems every time I go online I’m inundated with ads promising hot MILF’s in my area, girls who want sex if I can keep a secret. Maybe it just me and my choice of internet browsing or maybe everyone is besieged by these ads promising hot no-strings sex with strangers. Intrigued, but not stupid, I decide to delve a little deeper into the world of online hookups and casual encounters.

Obviously, my first step was to check out some of these ads (after checking my anti virus and switching to private browsing). And, guess what? Every ad I clicked let me through various pre-sells following a similar theme – Agree to never talk about it, you may see people that you know etc.. All very Fight Club. What was quickly apparent was that no matter what ad I clicked and how many clearly misleading pre-sells I went through, I ended up on some shady looking website that was not the site I had originally started on. Clearly, not going any further, I began looking into these so-called hookup sites. It was not hard to discover that the final destination for many of these ads were affiliate offers for sites who seemed to be operated by a handful of companies. More worrying was that these companies appeared to be rotating their offers regularly. Changing the domain name and shoddy looking logo every few months which led me to another worrying discovery. The amounts of money these operators were offering affiliates for sign ups or ‘leads’. For those of you not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s a way for website owners or advertisers to earn money promoting a service or product and in return they receive a commission from each sale or lead. It’s a model that’s almost as old as the internet itself. The problem with the commissions I see in the adult dating industry, most notably the ones offered by the companies I tracked down in my research is the maths just doesn’t work. Someone, somewhere is getting scammed and I can bet you it’s not the owners of the sites being promoted.

Lets break down what I am talking about. A quick search for some of the offers being promoted show claimed pay-outs of around $100 per sign up. A bit more investigation shows us that the average cost of membership is $30 per month for these types of sites. So, the obvious question is, how can these sites make any money if they are paying affiliates $100 per sign up? At these average costs, the website needs to keep one paying member for four months just to recoup their payment to the affiliate who brought them the customer. This means that, either their customer satisfaction is off the charts and guys really are having sex with loads of hot women in their area and renewing their memberships month on month OR there is some funny business going on.

I would take a guess it’s the latter here judging by some of the reviews and questionable tactics employed by their advertisers. Either, they simply don’t pay their affiliates for the leads and hope that no one calls them out due to their own borderline criminal claims in their advertising or they recoup their money much faster by charging customers additional fees and making it difficult to cancel their accounts. My guess would be it’s a combination of the two but I didn’t fancy entering my own credit card details in order to find out. I suppose the old adage ‘ a fool and his money are always parted’ is quite apt here.

As a parting gift to our readers. I decided to delve a bit closer into legitimate adult dating sites. First stop, our old friend Reddit. Where else would you get honest feedback than from tight fisted, virgin, internet nerds! The first thing I discovered was Reddit themselves now have various hookup sections which are free to use. If geeky Redditors are your thing, its probably a fairly good starting point if you want to meet someone for a discreet encounter in any of the countries currently active.