In my opinion the start of the year shouldn’t be about cutting things out. Use it as a fresh start to experience adventures and meet new people.

Often I speak to single ‘girlfriends’ (said in a slightly ironic American style) that have the default setting that all men are b******s.


There are men out there that ‘aren’t nice’ and the same applies to women (no sexism here). But it is not fair to tar everyone with the same brush. How are you meant to be happy with a new girlfriend or boyfriend if you are STILL hanging on to same old, damp baggage?

So if you usually have to chase bad boy guys to get their attention or are led on by high-maintenance girls with hearts made of stone why don’t you move away from the ‘type’ you normally go for?

Pledge to make 2016 the year you shake things up a bit!

And here is a late New Year’s resolution for you. This Valentine’s Day don’t mope about being single, or feel bitter whilst looking at smug social media PDA’s. Be happy for those loved up people – it is what we all want right?

Get out there, have fun, spend time with friends, and maybe be social online too. Give the TextDater app a look. It is online dating with a new twist.

Who knows Valentine’s Day 2017 you might be one of the loved up smug ones!

TextDater is available from the Apple app store –


Blog written by Suzanne Day