Calling all lovers residing in South West London! In preparation of Valentine’s Day we have our personal hotlist of cute, cosy and smooch worthy cafes to share a cuppa or edible treat with your special someone. We’ve thrown out the stereotypical bars and restaurants, it’s not worth cupid’s hangover or the price tag and our pick below offers some different and perhaps a more casual environment to get to know someone. Oh and by the way…

If you are already with someone on Valentine’s day, you might simply want to go somewhere where you can sit with that #SpecialSomeone, have a bit of tasty food, drink deep from big mug filled with latte and look into their eyes and just enjoy the ambiance.

If you were out the night before and ‘scored’ big time. Going from bar/club (the night before) to a quality cafe, and showing your sophisticated side can only be a good thing.

You may simply be on your first date. Agreed doing something fun is very cool and a good way to go about making a good first impression. But then, so is taking them to a nice little, out of the way, gem of a cafe and treating them to breakas (a-hem breakfast).

WARNING: Soppy and cheesy romantic gestures are included so read at your own peril. With that out of the way, here is a list of some of the great cafes of the south west (in kind-of a geographical order).



Alberts Deli (Richmond):
2 Worple way, TW10 6DF

A real hidden gem.  This cafe I found a few years ago by accident, nicely tucked away up a side street, maybe Richmond’s best kept (well, not anymore) secret.  The place is small, and cozy.  The staff, as always are friendly, and the coffee is served well.  The food choices here are vast and I personally recommend the veggie lasagna.  But what makes this place stand out for Valentine’s Day is how homely it is, you can disappear into your own little bubble and not feel cluttered or overwhelmed by the usual coffee shop hustle and bustle.

The Alberts Deli
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BabyCakes (East Sheen):
364 Upper Richmond Road West, SW14 7JU

Just a short walk up the high street is BabyCakes. This little cafe does in my opinion one of the best breakfasts in London, and their standard ‘double’ shot of coffee certainly doesn’t disappoint either. The setting is cute and although it attracts a lot of mums with little ones, this cafe is suited to anyone who enjoys a good coffee, comfy seating and really big windows for some avid people watching. Who doesn’t like to people watch?! When you pop in, tell them TextDater says hi.

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The Bakery (Mortlake):
30 sheen lane, SW14 8LL

One of the smaller cafes on our list and is a sure pick for those with a weakness for good bread. The impressive selection of breads here is something you wouldn’t necessarily think a cafe would be known for but of course, with the name “The Bakery” it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. What I really like about this cafe is the outside seating, it’s small as I said, but the outdoor area has a balcony, just tucked in away enough from the road to avoid the street noise and comfortable enough that you really don’t mind sitting outside, anytime of the year… unless, it’s raining of course.

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Arte Chef (Barnes):
58 Church Road, SW13 0DQ

This is actually a pizzeria, that just so happens to do excellent coffee and some fantastic wine which in my humble opinion complements the food nicely. Similarly to our other recommendations, but still worth mentioning, are the welcoming, friendly and very attentive staff. I realise we are giving the low down about coffee and spots for quick nibbles and whilst Arte Chef caters to those needs, it would be sinful to leave without trying their pizza. Get super cheesy (pun intended) and ask them to make the red peppers into a heart shape.

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Sips & Bites (Hammersmith/Barnes):
185 Castelnau, SW13 9ER

Italian family business… and whilst you won’t get the cast of The Sopranos you will get served up a killer coffee, and some to die for sandwiches that will have you wanting more. It’s a very relaxed setting that makes you forget you are on Castelnau. Sips & Bites is also a perfect location to enjoy a leisurely stroll across Hammersmith Bridge and take in the scenery with your special someone. Any day doing this is a good day. When you pop in give Turi & Giorgio a hi five from us!

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Stamford larder (Chiswick):
387 King Street, W6 9NJ

Another hot spot for breakfast. Stamford larder boasts a mostly local and organic ingredient list for their dishes, which being an entrepreneur makes me smile and spend that little bit more. The coffee here is great, and as it’s also organic adds that little bit of feel good to it. The front area of the cafe has some of the larger tables for groups. However, going further back you will find lots of little spots for a quieter more intimate setting.

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Tried and True (Putney):
279 Upper Richmond Road, SW15 6SP

This is the largest of the cafes on our list but don’t think generic corporate coffee house type of large. No no no, these guys are actually very real and attentive, that is, they care about their customers and make everyone feel really welcome. The bites here are great, but just as impressive is the decor. Art lines the walls, and a few catchy slogans are dotted about too. Grab a coffee, a window seat and a hand to hold and you’re all set.

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Shardana (Wandsworth):
138 Wandsworth High Street, SW18 4JJ

With a fantastic corner spot that catches the winter sun nicely, Shardana is one of those cafes ‘you keep meaning to go to’. Trust me, it is time to go. The interior is lovely, with enough comfy chairs that you will almost always get one, or will hang about waiting for one, if like me you like to lounge with your coffee. The food is top notch and the outdoor seating, although limited is also a bit of an attraction for me. It sits in just the right spot, the morning and early afternoon sun catches this area perfectly. What’s better than having your partner’s beautiful face lit up by the warm natural glow of the illusive English sun.

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Birdhouse (Clapham Junction):
123 St Johns Hill, SW11 1SZ

Birdhouse from the outside may not look like the cosiest place in the world and more like the place you would rush into for a quick coffee to go. BUT, this place has such a rustic, hideaway look that makes it incredibly compelling and gives it the feeling of your own private room almost. Being situated at Clapham Junction it’s probably the most accessible cafe in this list, great place to pop into after a bit of shopping.

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There you have it, our romantics guide to coffee and light bites in South West London! There are so many quality cafes around it would be impossible to list them all. Please drop a comment below, or better give us a shout on social media and mention your favorite romantic cafe/hotspot.

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