The TextDater app is easy to use.  It’s not just me saying this.  After a few interviews I’ve been asked, “so take us through the TextDater journey, how does someone get started?”.  Okay, it’s always been said a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words (unless you’re talking about personality), so please have a quick look at the explainer video below:

But if that wasn’t enough, let me elaborate.  

The app is easy to use (see what I’m doing there).  It’s quick, and doesn’t require too much in the way of details.  The idea is to get you started, viewing profiles and chatting as soon as possible.  So a few key things… on the off chance you missed it in the video 🙂

First off, write a very short description (about the size of a tweet, maybe a ‘little’ longer), some key things about you that make “you” interesting, or fun, show your qualities, or maybe things you just really like, or hate… whatever makes you a bit individual.  Followed by really basic stats about yourself. age, height, gender.  Who you are looking for (again super basic, age, height, search distance) and that’s it!  You’re then on the main screen viewing profiles.

The app is really easy to use 🙂

Until the next update, bye for now!

TextDater Team