The word dating brings up a lot of different emotions for people. Some like it, some hate it, some volunteer others and others are on several different dating sites. These days’ people don’t tend to have time to drop the squeaky clean lace trim hankie and certainly don’t like the idea of leaving it to their parents to secure their betrothed. Most will turn to dating websites. Those who are certain that their perfect match can be found online will sit for hours filling in every little detail about their lives hoping that the one will be the first to respond. Others put it out there for all to see, it is a numbers game after all, right?

Why not keep your dignity, save time and date your own way. Mobile dating is now the number one way to find, make and keep a date.

So even before you connect with someone you are interested in having a romantic relationship with, here are a few things to consider;

  1. Increase the time you spend with your friends, family and co-workers so that you are not fixated on conquering romantic prospects
  2. Remember you are not an injured bunny that needs taking care of. You are a person that has something (personality) to bring to the relationship
  3. Look after yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Your well-being is important to you and others
  4. Have your own interests, passions and pursuits. This will build character and also give you something to talk about.
  5. Be happy – genuinely happy. This will give you a positive glow and rid you of the banner tattooed across your forehead ‘I NEED LOVE’
  6. Learn to love yourself inside and out – your potential partner is there to add to you not fill in the gaps.
  7. Your past experiences are lessons learned not arrows to be hurled at your new love interest.
  8. Don’t give up – be patient, the right girl/guy is out there
  9. Have a relaxed attitude toward dating; get to know each other before sharing your closet space – this will give you time to decide if the relationship is right for you and will save you a lot of heartache
  10. Remember to smile from the heart. You have chosen to connect with these people so, show you care without clamping the ball and chain from day one.

Blog post by Life Coach Olive Pellington
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