Just imagine it. It’s Sunday night you’ve been eating junk food all day and generally feel pretty down in the dumps about yourself.

You’re slumped on the sofa feeling a bit hungover and lonely. You pick up your trusty smartphone. Your finger flicks to the familiar dating app with the swipes.

You have no matches. You console yourself with the fact that if you do a bit of swiping yourself, you are bound to get a match.

By the end of the evening, you go to bed feeling unattractive and unwanted.

This isn’t a healthy way to feel, but lots of women in the UK are unhappy with the way they look right now. According to stats from a recent global survey by beauty company Dove, only 20% of the British Women surveyed were satisfied with their appearance.

Most women have hang-ups, I know I do. Using a dating app that solely revolves around your looks makes you focus even more intensely on what you perceive to be wrong with your body. If guys weren’t messaging me I would presume it would be because I was too fat.

In this podcast, Textdater founder Jon and blogger Eden James, who has suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, discuss just how shallow image based dating apps are.

Sensibly, in my opinion, Eden believes that women with body insecurities should avoid appearance based apps to prevent them from ‘deeper self-loathing’.

Eden encourages women that are feeling bad about themselves, to stay well clear of image-based apps and instead work on feeling better about their insecurities.

As you might have guessed Eden is a big believer in ‘getting to know someone for who they are’. Which surely is what dating really, truly should be about!

To read more from Eden, including the post about BDD discussed in the podcast, please click here.


Blog written by Suzanne Day