It would seem that every other startup is crowdfunding. While it’s true that there are certainly a lot of platforms for crowdfunding, and many companies are using them, I think the reason most companies do it is sound.

From apps to day care centres, to food production, everything costs money to develop. Savings, loans, and sweat equity, in a lot of cases, can only take you so far. Then at some point, once a concept is proven (and there is always the question, when is that?) companies need to scale up.

TextDater is at this point now. We will be putting out updates here, on the campaign site, and of course, across our main social media channels:

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Here’s why we’re crowdfunding:

The TextDater app was released mid-2015, and has gone through a few transitions to get the MVP (Minimal viable product) accepted. Building a user base on a shoestring budget and getting the most out of social media and online advertising while all the time tightening the purse strings. Much progress was made, and if you visit the website, you will see it’s achieved a lot in terms of recognition and user downloads. But it’s now at a point where it needs a financial boost.

This is where crowdfunding comes in.

There is still work to be done, for example releasing the android version of the app, boosting our marketing, refining the design etc. For this to happen, more capital is needed. The great thing about equity funding is, not only can you help a good cause, but if we do well, you do well – your shares price goes up, and when appropriate, you get dividends.

For companies that really care about their product, and are busting a gut to get it done right, it has the upside of being a win-win situation. It is, of course, possible that TextDater fails. Considering we’ve come this far on so little money, that’s not a likely situation.

We hope you’re convinced to have a quick peek at the campaign.

Thanks for reading.

Campaign link : Https://

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TextDater is crowdfunding