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You look so texty

You is like… well texy No it wasn’t a typo, hey this is TextDater remember 😁 These days everything seems to be about visuals, vids, bright colours and catchy ads. It shows up most in social media as it’s all about visuals. Our attention is span is short and if something takes longer than 2 or 3 seconds to register it doesn’t. In many ways this is good, but in some ways this is clearly a bad thing. With the attention span not much better than that of a goldfish, how do you really break through all the visual noise and be noticed?

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Let’s grab a coffee (on Valentine’s day) ❤

Calling all lovers residing in South West London! In preparation of Valentine’s Day we have our personal hotlist of cute, cosy and smooch worthy cafes to share a cuppa or edible treat with your special someone. We’ve thrown out the stereotypical bars and restaurants, it’s not worth cupid’s hangover or the price tag and our pick below offers some different and perhaps a more casual environment to get to know someone. Oh and by the way… If you are already with someone on Valentine’s day, you might simply want to go somewhere where you can sit with that #SpecialSomeone, have

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Don’t worry, the app is easy to use!

The TextDater app is easy to use.  It’s not just me saying this.  After a few interviews I’ve been asked, “so take us through the TextDater journey, how does someone get started?”.  Okay, it’s always been said a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words (unless you’re talking about personality), so please have a quick look at the explainer video below: But if that wasn’t enough, let me elaborate.   The app is easy to use (see what I’m doing there).  It’s quick, and doesn’t require too much in the way of details.  The idea is to get you

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…and I bit my nails. First full blog/app review

The first full blog/review came through for TextDater this week.  I saw the link and held my breath, not sure if it was going to be negative, dismissive or worse, boring. BUT… sigh of relief, we had a great review by Ruku at  I have to say this young lady has an amazing energy, and will make you laugh.  The review she did for us is here : But below is a little snippet, just to show you how personality really can shine through in words. “You guys know that I get around. Around the dating app world

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New Year, New Dating, New You

In my opinion the start of the year shouldn’t be about cutting things out. Use it as a fresh start to experience adventures and meet new people. Often I speak to single ‘girlfriends’ (said in a slightly ironic American style) that have the default setting that all men are b******s. Wrong! There are men out there that ‘aren’t nice’ and the same applies to women (no sexism here). But it is not fair to tar everyone with the same brush. How are you meant to be happy with a new girlfriend or boyfriend if you are STILL hanging on to

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Personality or Looks?

I have a new guilty pleasure…Channel Four’s First Dates. I am now unashamedly a frequent and compulsive viewer. I find the human behaviour of it all fascinating. The range of nervous hesitation to brazen confidence and then there are those who immediately share all their life secrets to those who could be leading a double life at MI5. I cringe at the awkwardness and my over-romantic heart warms at the success stories. On a recent episode a couple who were quite possibly only matched on their sheer attractiveness found themselves struggling for conversation. He then asked his stunning date the

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