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It’s Just Sex and Wine. Right?

I’m not even sure it really counted as a first date. We had worked together on a project (OK I was his client) and he had asked me out for a “project catch up” after the project had ended, and over wine. After some very poor flirting on my part (think dodgy bicep grazing) leading up to this evening I didn’t know how to read this date type thing that I may or may not have shaved my legs for. (Totally did.) Date went well. Ok it didn’t go well. I got hideously drunk, went back to his, required a

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Dating, what’s changed?

How has dating changed in the last 20 years? We think that answer might be simple but actually it’s no so clear cut. It seems as though these changes are gradual.  We have gone from meeting the girl at the dance, to meeting the guy at the loud club, to the nicer bar… and eventually online came into the picture. With online, it was all about the websites and how accurate the algorithms could match people up, but soon, it was clear this really didn’t work and took up a lot of your time.  Then it went simple, pop a few

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