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…and I bit my nails. First full blog/app review

The first full blog/review came through for TextDater this week.  I saw the link and held my breath, not sure if it was going to be negative, dismissive or worse, boring. BUT… sigh of relief, we had a great review by Ruku at feelslikesingle.com.  I have to say this young lady has an amazing energy, and will make you laugh.  The review she did for us is here : http://www.feelslikesingle.com/2016/01/25/dating-app-review-textdater/ But below is a little snippet, just to show you how personality really can shine through in words. “You guys know that I get around. Around the dating app world

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New Year, New Dating, New You

In my opinion the start of the year shouldn’t be about cutting things out. Use it as a fresh start to experience adventures and meet new people. Often I speak to single ‘girlfriends’ (said in a slightly ironic American style) that have the default setting that all men are b******s. Wrong! There are men out there that ‘aren’t nice’ and the same applies to women (no sexism here). But it is not fair to tar everyone with the same brush. How are you meant to be happy with a new girlfriend or boyfriend if you are STILL hanging on to

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If you want to find the right one, you need to be the right one first!

If your story is anything like mine, you may have had to kiss a few frogs over the years while in search of your prince. The process of finding ‘the one’ can be exhausting. Bad dates full of personalities you don’t like. Faking laughter over jokes that are just not funny. Trying to present yourself in the best possible way all the time. Phew. In my experience this process becomes even more difficult in large cities where we’re all focused on careers and superficial things like salaries, social hierarchy and what people look like. The truth is, what I’m going

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Bad is Good!! (Why a bad date isn’t necessarily a bad thing!)

Dates can be bad in many cringe worthy, comical or downright boring ways! Sometimes just getting to the date can be terrible. On one occasion I arrived at my date destination in plenty of time and saw ‘my date’ waiting at the bottom of a multi-storey car park. Then I proceeded to get lost in the multi storey car park for around 20 minutes. This was frustrating and embarrassing, particularly as I then had to explain the delay to my rather stuck-up companion for the evening. I would have had a nicer time driving around a car park all night.

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Dating your way

The word dating brings up a lot of different emotions for people. Some like it, some hate it, some volunteer others and others are on several different dating sites. These days’ people don’t tend to have time to drop the squeaky clean lace trim hankie and certainly don’t like the idea of leaving it to their parents to secure their betrothed. Most will turn to dating websites. Those who are certain that their perfect match can be found online will sit for hours filling in every little detail about their lives hoping that the one will be the first to

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Personality or Looks?

I have a new guilty pleasure…Channel Four’s First Dates. I am now unashamedly a frequent and compulsive viewer. I find the human behaviour of it all fascinating. The range of nervous hesitation to brazen confidence and then there are those who immediately share all their life secrets to those who could be leading a double life at MI5. I cringe at the awkwardness and my over-romantic heart warms at the success stories. On a recent episode a couple who were quite possibly only matched on their sheer attractiveness found themselves struggling for conversation. He then asked his stunning date the

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