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Dating Apps and Body Confidence

Just imagine it. It’s Sunday night you’ve been eating junk food all day and generally feel pretty down in the dumps about yourself. You’re slumped on the sofa feeling a bit hungover and lonely. You pick up your trusty smartphone. Your finger flicks to the familiar dating app with the swipes. You have no matches. You console yourself with the fact that if you do a bit of swiping yourself, you are bound to get a match. By the end of the evening, you go to bed feeling unattractive and unwanted. This isn’t a healthy way to feel, but lots

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Why oh why are you crowdfunding?

It would seem that every other startup is crowdfunding. While it’s true that there are certainly a lot of platforms for crowdfunding, and many companies are using them, I think the reason most companies do it is sound. From apps to day care centres, to food production, everything costs money to develop. Savings, loans, and sweat equity, in a lot of cases, can only take you so far. Then at some point, once a concept is proven (and there is always the question, when is that?) companies need to scale up. TextDater is at this point now. We will be

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You look so texty

You is like… well texy No it wasn’t a typo, hey this is TextDater remember 😁 These days everything seems to be about visuals, vids, bright colours and catchy ads. It shows up most in social media as it’s all about visuals. Our attention is span is short and if something takes longer than 2 or 3 seconds to register it doesn’t. In many ways this is good, but in some ways this is clearly a bad thing. With the attention span not much better than that of a goldfish, how do you really break through all the visual noise and be noticed?

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Let’s grab a coffee (on Valentine’s day) ❤

Calling all lovers residing in South West London! In preparation of Valentine’s Day we have our personal hotlist of cute, cosy and smooch worthy cafes to share a cuppa or edible treat with your special someone. We’ve thrown out the stereotypical bars and restaurants, it’s not worth cupid’s hangover or the price tag and our pick below offers some different and perhaps a more casual environment to get to know someone. Oh and by the way… If you are already with someone on Valentine’s day, you might simply want to go somewhere where you can sit with that #SpecialSomeone, have

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I’ll pay… NO! I’LL PAY!!

Hi all, This next blog has be reproduced ‘with’ permission from the man himself Mr Sean Croxton (FYI the guy in the pic above is him not me) :-p. I’ve followed Seans work for years, in my humble opinion the interviewer of interviewers. If you have any interest in health check out undegroundwellness.com right now you can get the complete podcast list… awesome! more recently Sean has been putting out amazing info about mindset, business, self reliance and personal development. Hop on over to seancroxton.com for this one. I told her that when I paid the bill (or pulled out

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Don’t worry, the app is easy to use!

The TextDater app is easy to use.  It’s not just me saying this.  After a few interviews I’ve been asked, “so take us through the TextDater journey, how does someone get started?”.  Okay, it’s always been said a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words (unless you’re talking about personality), so please have a quick look at the explainer video below: But if that wasn’t enough, let me elaborate.   The app is easy to use (see what I’m doing there).  It’s quick, and doesn’t require too much in the way of details.  The idea is to get you

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