Dates can be bad in many cringe worthy, comical or downright boring ways!

Sometimes just getting to the date can be terrible. On one occasion I arrived at my date destination in plenty of time and saw ‘my date’ waiting at the bottom of a multi-storey car park.
Then I proceeded to get lost in the multi storey car park for around 20 minutes. This was frustrating and embarrassing, particularly as I then had to explain the delay to my rather stuck-up companion for the evening. I would have had a nicer time driving around a car park all night.

Boring dates can be just as awful. Have you ever felt trapped? Probably something similar to a womaniser would feel if a date mentioned the word ‘relationship’.
Well I unfortunately I do have experience of some sleep-inducing dates. One that involved watching ‘Top Gear’ led me to text my friend to come and rescue me. Nothing against car shows but come on!!

My mum also has developed an awkward habit of rocking up at my dates which just makes them more terrifying.
Imagine the scenario you meet up with basically a stranger, feeling a bit sick and nervous. Then you spot someone familiar lurking in the bar – your mum. A mum who is a pro at asking strange questions, and finding these situations incredibly funny. Well once because I knew what was about to happen I did a runner. Actually left half my drink and dragged my slightly bemused date out of the door. Quite a relief!

You see folks, to get a good date you have to put yourself out there and expect some bad ones. Though bad dates aren’t enjoyable they at least prove you are brave enough to go on some dates.
You could chat to someone on a dating website forevermore but if you don’t ever meet them in the person you are time wasting. How will you ever know if you want to snog their face off?
And even if you do have one wasted evening at least you have something to laugh about with your friends the next day!

Blog written by Suzanne Day