The first full blog/review came through for TextDater this week.  I saw the link and held my breath, not sure if it was going to be negative, dismissive or worse, boring. BUT… sigh of relief, we had a great review by Ruku at  I have to say this young lady has an amazing energy, and will make you laugh.  The review she did for us is here :

But below is a little snippet, just to show you how personality really can shine through in words.


“You guys know that I get around. Around the dating app world that is. So when founder of a new dating app from my favourite city in the world messaged me for a review, I just couldn’t say no! I have personally tried all them apps. Tinder (the bad boy), Hinge (the boy in training to be a man), Truly Madly (the desi desperado) and OkCupid (the not so okay age difference). Hence, my faith in dating apps has been dipping down as low as my next twerking move. Could TextDater get my juices flowing again? (Metaphorically, of course).”

Post by : Ruku Taneja

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