Turning mobile dating on its head

Self over selfies, connect with people based on who they are, not just how they look!

Close up

A quick look at the where the action happens.

  • It's about you in a nut shell.

    Be quick, be snappy, be funny, be clever. Give a short description of yourself, something better than "This is my first time trying this".

  • Stand out.

    Pop in as many keywords, phrases, likes-dislikes, hobbies, quirks, desires, and anything else that interests you or that you find interesting!

  • Pictures come later.

    You can 'swap' pictures when you're ready, no rush.

  • Say yes or No.

    You like how someone sounds, GREAT, hit the big tick button.

A few key features

We made sure the app wasn't over complicated, here are a few key features you might like.

No pressure to show your picture

Pictures are nice, but these aren't the pulling point here.

Who's near?

Use location services to find matches near you or further afield.

Easily update your profile

Update your profile regularly for the most impact, and hey, it's dead easy!

Social media

Log in with your favorite social media, supports FaceBook, Twitter and Google+

About us

Here at TextDater we don't rely on a picture gallery to find matches. When we started playing with the idea of a semi-blind date, we were intrigued, do people honestly believe in personality, communication and getting along with someone?

Everyone says it's vital and that looks aren't 'sooo' important! So we put this theory to the test. The overwhelming results from surveys and hitting the mean streets of London were... 'Yes, it is time for a change'.

So we went for it, we levelled the playing field. TextDater, turning mobile dating on its head, permanently!

Get in Touch

Have feedback, suggestions, or any thoughts about our app? Feel free to contact us.

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